Best 3 Penis Extenders Reviewed

If you want to get a bigger penis so you can have better, harder erections, more confidence, and truly be the man you have felt you should be, then a penis extender is the best way to achieve those results.

Finding one with the right comfort fittings, with adjustable tension so that it adapts to your body throughout the day or night is important. The longer you can comfortably wear your new penis stretcher, the better your results will be!

We’ve taken a look at all of the penis enlargers on the market today and have put together the best 3 that we’ve found for your consideration. Let’s take a look at them in a little more detail below!

x4-labs#1 X4 Labs – The Best Penis Extender

What makes the X4 Labs the best is the fact that you get a reasonable priced high quality product that works.

You’ll get 5 different packages from which you can choose as well so that you can get the extender that can fit you the very best.

You can begin with a basic starter package that can help you extend the size of your penis or you can upgrade to their 58 option support system for even better comfort if you need it!

X4 Labs also creates products that can help to meet the specific needs that some guys may have when it comes to using a penis stretcher. If you have curvature or a “kink” in your dick, the Peyronies package from this company can help you straighten out your penis as you work to enlarge it.

There are also options available for smaller sizes and wider bases so that you can choose the comfortable package that works best with your body type.

The best value package, the Deluxe package, retails for just $299.95.

If you add on the 58 way quad support system, it will cost just $60 more! That means you can get a better system for penis stretching for about half of the cost of other systems AND get a competitively priced penis stretcher to the cheap ones on the market today.

Best of all, X4 Labs often runs promotions that can help you save 33% or more off of these costs instantly! That’s why we’ve put this product into the Top 3 that are on the market today.

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sizegenetics#2 SizeGenetics

We also really like the product offerings from SizeGenetics because their medical device works in a very similar way to X4 Labs.

You can adjust the device as you grow in size and it adapts to your natural penis growth.

There are fewer options when compared to X4 Labs and the price is a little bit higher, but you can’t go wrong with using this product according to its instructions. It offers great comfortable and reliable effectiveness, both of which are required components in penis stretching.

You might also notice a 58 option support system is available for this penis extender device as well. It adds a lot of comfort to the process and is a fantastic upgrade to have. It is also a spring loaded device, which means you can always set the correct tension levels for every day wear. Just be careful – if you set the tension levels too high, you could end up causing an injury that could set you back in the process. If you don’t have enough tension, then you won’t get any results!

Their MDA technology also means that multiple angles can be utilized to achieve the same stretching result. That means greater comfort, which means you’ll actually wear the device and see better results.

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quickextenderpro#3 Quick Extender Pro

The sheer popularity of QuickExtenderPro is why it makes it into this list of the top 3 products on the market today. It is so heavily advertised online that the chances are you’ve already seen this product yourself at some point.

Comparing this product side-by-side with the other two above lets you really see the difference in quality.

  • The starter package does not come with a money back guarantee, which means you’re out money if the product doesn’t work for you or is too uncomfortable to wear.
  • The same penis extender is in all three packages offered by this organization, which means you’re basically getting the same thing, no matter how much you pay.
  • The most expensive packages offer you things you probably don’t even need, like pills, DVDs, and booster pumps.

When you look at the products offered by X4 Labs or SizeGenetics, you’ll get the same things for free or a much lower cost than you would with Quick Extender Pro. Does the product work? It certainly has the potential for success, but it might not be comfortable or effective success. It is for those reasons that we just cannot fully recommend this product, even though it is one of the Top 3 on the market today.

Should You Try a Penis Extender?

great-sexIf you could try this medical device for free, then why wouldn’t you give a penis enlargement a try?

The best products in today’s market come with a 6 month money back guarantee which means you’ve got zero risk that you’re assuming should the penis stretcher not work for you.

Six months is also enough time for you to begin seeing physical growth in your penis – some guys are getting a bigger dick in about a month or so! This way you’ll know if it can work for you, be comfortable, and give you the results you desire.

Our first recommendation would be to try the penis extender that is offered by X4 Labs.

It has a good price point, gives you the options you need for comfort and long wearing times, and puts the right amount of traction and pressure so you can achieve the results you want to achieve.

The X4 Labs helps you put the correct torsion on your penis so that you can not only enlarge your penis but also begin straightening out penis curvature as well.

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